Eurol Engine Flush (E802310-500ML)

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ENGINE FLUSH / Engine flushing / Engine oil flushing

  • Cleans the internal part of the engine in 10 minutes.
  • Suitable for all gasoline, diesel and automotive gas engines.
  • Apply for oil change.
  • Helps to release stuck valves and piston rings.
  • Cleans the internal engine from sludge, gum, rust and varnish.
  • Increases compression and improves engine performance.
  • Rotuces the emission of harmful gases.
  • Lowers fuel consumption.
  • Harmless to metal parts, acid-free.
  • Content of a 250 ml bottle is suitable for a carter Kapazität of up to 4 liters.
  • Follow the instructions on the package.

Eurol® Engine Flush is an additive developed for cleaning heavily polluted engines, which extends the life of an engine. After using the Engine Flush, the gas response and acceleration will increase.

Eurol® Engine Flush must be added to the old engine oil. Warm up the engine to working temperature and add Eurol® Engine Flush. Eurol® Engine Flush uses the old engine oil as a carrier with which the carefully selected additives, dissolved in oil, gradually but thoroughly remove the deposits in the engine. By subsequently changing the engine oil, all contaminants are removed from the engine.

Allow the engine to warm up to working temperature and then switch off the engine. Pour the Engine Flush into the crankcase and restart the engine. Let the engine run for at least 5 minutes. For optimum results, the engine must be idling for 15 minutes. Change the engine oil with a product recommended by the OEM.

A 500ml can of Eurol® Engine Flush is recommended for 3.5 to 6.5L engine oil. Eurol® Engine Flush is recommended for use at every service interval as described in the user manual. The additive can be used on top of the engine oil to be changed, without first draining part.

Eurol® Engine Flush removes deposits and varnishes from the engine without affecting the seals and gaskets. The contaminants can be dissolved by the additive or removed from the engine oil by the oil filter. This makes it advisable to replace the oil filter after using Eurol® Engine Flush.

Before use, read the instructions on the packaging and if you have any questions, contact your distributor or your contact person within Eurol. Consult the Eurol® Engine Flush safety data sheet for storage and shelf life. Suitable for turbo engines.

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